Thursday, November 12, 2009


If you can look past the never ending construction and see through the cigarette smoke, Dwire is an stunning home to the college of business.


Most of the classrooms in Dwire are like the one pictured with the 3-tier rainbow shaped seating. There is a large lecture hall on the first floor that is great for movie screenings and large class sizes. Most of the class sizes in Dwire can hold about 40 students.

Computer Labs

Also, there is a small computer lab that students can use anytime. However, don't go in there if you are in a hurry! These computers can take up to 5 minutes to get logged into if you are even lucky enough to find a seat in the small computer lab. The lab in not a good place to get some peace and quiet to do homework-if you want that, then go to the library.

What in the world???

A big topic of conversation when you first walk in is the pointless piece of so-called art hanging from the ceiling. Everyone walks into the building and stares at thing contraption, and has no idea what it means and why it is there. While we're not sure what the name of the art piece is, it is commonly referred to as "What in the world...."

3rd Floor Overlook

Aside from the construction happening outside, once you walk into Dwire it is amazing. This 3 story glass-front building is has an amazing overlook of Pike's Peak. There is plenty of study areas throughout the building, as long as it's during class sessions, sometimes it is hard to try and find a seat on the 1st floor to study before class.

Front View

This is the entryway to where college of business students here at UCCS spend countless hours in lecture and studying. The inviting picnic tables out front make it seem like a great place to have lunch outside or a casual group meeting; however, the construction going on beside Dwire Hall won't let that happen. Don't even try to have a phone call outside you wont be able to hear a thing with all the beeping from trucks and construction noise outside. Also, if you are a big fan of second had smoke you'll be happy to stand outside of Dwire before and between classes! Never mind the sign on the door that says no smoking within 30 feet of the door.